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Meet the Workify Team


Meet our Workify Team: Stella, Sharon, Elizabeth, Sharon 2, Celine & Adelaide (left to right). 

Workify is a women- owned and operated business. We care for our members and for detail, we always take that extra step to make sure our members are able to focus on their core business only. 

Our vision is to provide professional office space, but accessible to all. We provide tailor-made solutions, since every company is unique and has its own needs. We welcome micro, small & medium sized companies, that should be able to grow within Workify. We provide for each size the right solution: You are able to book a single desk at Studio 12, where only co-working is provided and grow into a private office in a later stage. 

For all our members, we always try to  provide excellent services with a personal touch.

We are here for you. 

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